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2018 Fall Foliage Maps


September 21, 2018

According to research and forecasting done by NOAA and The Weather Company, the majority of the United States is due for a warmer-than-average autumn in the months of September through November. What better way to enjoy the pleasant temps than to head out for a leaf-peeping road trip?

Leaf-peeping is a popular pastime during the fall. Catching the trees at peak fall foliage can be challenging, however, with factors such as weather, overall climate and tree health affecting the color-changing cycles.

Fortunately, there are many fall foliage maps that can help you plan your trips! has trip planning maps, as well as foliage maps and hotlines to call for each New England state to get up-to-the-minute updates on foliage in that area. has a peak foliage map which allows you to select a date to see whether your state will be early, mid, peak or late for that specific date, or you can click the “play” button to watch the map change from September 1 to October 31. has a foliage map that spans the entire country, and includes maps of foliage-rich regions. is host to a fall foliage prediction map for the entire country. A slider of dates along the bottom changes the foliage coverage through November 19, 2018. has a list of top fall trees in the United States – if one of these is native to your area, you might consider planting one in your landscape!

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