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5 Reasons to Schedule Winter Pruning


November 28, 2018

Call an arborist today to schedule your winter pruning appointment! You may think summer is ideal for landscape maintenance, but certified arborists can prune your trees all year round. While others are waiting until the warmer months begin, your trees can get a head start on their fresh look for spring. And believe it or not, there are some unique benefits that can come from winter pruning.

Here are our top five reasons we love to prune in winter:

1. Arborists Make Accurate Cuts Without heavy leaf coverage, it’s much easier for arborists to see the tree’s frame and the direction of each branch. This helps them make more accurate decisions on which branches to trim and which to preserve. Branches that are diseased or damaged are more easily seen. 2. Diseases and Insects Are Dormant Too Winter is the dormant season, and the cold weather causes infectious diseases and destructive insects to die as well. Trimming branches at this time poses less of a risk. Diseases and insects are much less likely to find their way into the cut and create problems. 

3. Prune Just in Time to Avoid Winter Hazards For pruning purposes, winter is typically defined as anytime between October and March, but prioritizing the task before heavy snowfall has another benefit. That way, rotting or dead tree branches, they won’t pose a risk of breaking and damaging your home or car. Avoid winter hazards by pruning early. 

4. Dormant Pruning Encourages Spring Growth Winter pruning enhances the level of light and air exposure for the tree. This means in the spring, growth will flourish due to the tree’s expanded inner energy reserves. Winter pruning also gives the tree a chance to grow more efficiently around the wound, limiting its risk of developing diseases in the spring. 

​5. It Prevents Oak Wilt  Do you have oak trees on your property? Winter pruning is ideal. When their branches are trimmed, the tree emits an odor that attracts beetles that in turn cause oak wilt disease. It’s a fungal infection that can spell death to the tree, starting with leaves wilting and discoloring, and the eventual complete defoliation of the oak. 

When you prune in winter, the beetles that are at the root of this disease are hibernating, making dormant pruning safest. 

Should You Hire an Arborist? 

You know your tree branches don’t look quite right, but are you sure about what type of cuts to make and where? 

NATURAL SYSTEMS arborists are highly trained in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Stump Grinding. Call us at (860)621-0008 to find out more about our expert arborist services in Southington and central CT.



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