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Are Your Trees Winter Ready? Tree Trimming and Pruning Can Prevent Damage


October 24, 2018

Winter snow and ice can weigh down branches, causing them to break and fall onto whatever is below, which could include power lines, homes and people. Icy winter winds can also cause trees to uproot, which can also cause damage. In order to prevent storm damage to your property, we recommend that homeowners regularly inspect the trees of your landscape and be proactive about any threatening issues.

What tree issues should homeowners look out for?

Trees that have been weakened due to disease, infestation or something else are the most at risk for damage in storms. Below are several signs that could indicate trouble for your trees.

Branches that hang over or make contact with power lines. If branches are already touching power lines, seek a professional tree care specialist as soon as possible to perform remedial tree trimming and pruning. If they are hanging over or leaning near power lines, they could cause problems in the next strong storm.

Branches that hang over roofs, sheds or other structures. These branches could cause expensive property damage in the event of a violent storm. If the trees overhang your neighbor’s yard, you could be liable if any damage occurs to their property.

Trees that lean at dangerous angles. If a tree is leaning already, too much pressure could cause uprooting in wet and windy conditions. In such a situation, a professional can determine whether tree removal is necessary for safety.

Tree Decay. Mushrooms or other fungal presence on trees indicates a problem. Decay can cause tree weakness. Other signs of decay are unusual insect activity or hollow trunks.

Tree damage. Obvious damage to large limbs could weaken the entire tree and should be evaluated to determine the risk.

Who Should Perform Maintenance Such as Tree Trimming and Pruning

Basic maintenance, such as pruning, may be done by the homeowner. For more complicated tasks, or in the event of a possible infestation, homeowners and business owners should contact professional tree care specialists. Experienced arborists and tree risk assessors can inspect the trees in question, and safely address the problems.

While prevention can help you to avoid costly emergency tree removal services, accidents do happen.

NATURAL SYSTEMS arborists are highly trained in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Stump Grinding. Call us at (860)621-0008 to find out more about our expert arborist services in Southington and central CT.



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