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October 2, 2018

Proper tree maintenance can help you brave the storms and keep your trees from being damaged.

While the worst of the summer storms seem to be over, it’s important to keep your trees protected from storm damage year round. The recent hurricanes and impending snowstorms this winter are both reminders that regular tree care is an essential part of keeping your home and your family safe. How can you protect trees from storm damage in your yard?

Prune Away!

You should make a habit of having regular maintenance performed on the trees in your yard. This includes an inspection by a tree care expert, like the team at Harford Tree, to make sure that they are properly pruned, healthy, and trimmed. This will help to minimize the change of a storm doing much damage. Trees that are healthy are stronger, so they are much more likely to stand up to high winds and rain. The tree expert will also examine the health of your trees and see if they are dying or suffering from any tree diseases. They will then recommend a treatment plan or removal.

Stay Away from the Power Lines

Your trees should never be touching or close to touching the power lines. Many homeowners let their trees grow out too far and end up knocking out the power to their neighborhood altogether. During a summer or winter storm, trees can get pushed into power lines and then create a huge safety hazard. Downed power lines are very dangerous, and you would not want to be the cause of putting your whole neighborhood into danger!

Don’t Forget Your Roots

Another important tree health indicator is the roots of your trees. If you have recently altered the area of your yard near the tree roots, make sure that your tree care professional examines the root system for any damage. Even if the tree itself appears healthy above the surface, if it has a shallow root system it will become a dangerous projectile during a storm.

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