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August 15, 2018

Tree care becomes particularly important during the summer so be sure to follow these tips!

Making sure you’re trees are happy and healthy this summer can lead to many years of landscape bliss. In fact, aside from winter, summer is the season your landscaping is most at risk. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you’re taking a little extra time to ensure that they’re in tip-top shape.


While most pruning (depending on the tree) should be done while the tree is still dormant (think late fall through early spring), there are times when summer pruning is necessary. If there are any diseased or dying branches, you may need to prune them immediately to ensure the damage doesn’t spread. Any flowering trees or shrubs should not be pruned until after the blooming period has ended, meaning early summer.


Giving your tree access to proper nutrients is essential to its well being. If you live in urban or suburban areas where you might have higher pollution and higher plant stress fertilization is necessary. Other factors to consider include if you have pets that might affect soil pH or if your soil has any other nutritional deficits.


If you haven’t mulched yet, not to worry, the benefits of mulching last well into the summer. Not only does mulching help keep down weed populations, but it also helps the soil retain more moisture. This helps to protect your tree and its roots from the harsh summer sun.


During the hottest points of the summer making sure your trees get enough water can be important, especially if they are younger and don’t have deep tap roots. Make sure to water trees about once a week, with a thorough saturation as they need more water in less frequent intervals than other plants.

Pest & Damage Prevention

Between physical pests such as Japanese beetles, caterpillars, and spider mites and weather-related problems such as high winds and lightning, summer can be a trying time for young trees. Make sure to perform weekly checks for pests and speak with an arborist to see if your trees need any protection.

Tree Care and Maintenance from Natural Systems

NATURAL SYSTEMS arborists are highly trained in Tree Removal, Tree Trimming, and Stump Grinding. Call us at (860)621-0008 to find out more about our expert arborist services in Southington and central CT.



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