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September 26, 2018

It may not seem intuitive, but fall is the ideal time to plant trees.

Some people see fall as the definitive end of the growing season, a time where life goes into hibernation. Believe it or not, fall is one of the best times to plant trees, shrubs, and other similar plants. By planting trees in the fall, it allows for the root systems to develop and flourish before that nasty summer heat returns and keeps it from reaching its full potential. Good root growth is quintessential to proper growth of trees so let’s take a look at why fall is so great.

When is Planting Ideal?

Fall begins with the equinox in September, but the best time to actually plant trees is six weeks before the indications of a hard frost. This typically occurs sometime between September and November. Why this time? It lets roots of trees get established before the ground freezes over. If you wait too long, it can have a negative impact on your tree’s health, so be sure to get it done in the window available.

Decreased Watering Needs

The problem with planting trees in the summer is that it can be so dry sometimes that you need to constantly water them to get them to grow. Instead, consider using fall weather to your advantage which is generally cooler and wetter. This means that once the shoot growth slows down, the cooler days will decrease the rate of photosynthesis and your tree’s need for water. Root development is still spurred by stable air temperatures, plus the soil will stay warmer despite the cool air temperatures.

Why Fall?

By planting trees in the fall, you’re giving them a better defense against the heat and dryness that can come during the following summer. You’ll even be able to coordinate your tree planting with fall colors to create a perfect future. Bear in mind that broad-leaved evergreens planted in the fall must be protected from harsh winter winds.

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