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Tree too Close to House

Tree Removal

Our tree removal team works safely and efficiently to remove dead and hazardous trees from your property keeping your home and family protected. Natural Systems removes over 1000 trees a year. 

We also remove trees to make way for new construction or additional yard space.

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Pruning trees will help keep them healthy, beautiful, and productive. Most importantly, pruning helps trees grow and makes them safe.


We provide tree pruning for both mature and young trees. We also remove hazardous branches to ensure the safety of your home, visitors and loved ones.

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Stump Grinding

​Once your tree has been removed the remaining stump can be an eyesore and even become hazardous to your landscape.​

Our stump grinding & removal team has the tools and know how to provide professional stump removal that leaves your yard free of damage and visually appealing.

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Other Services


Project: Tree Removal -"I was very impressed with the work Natural Systems did. The team of professionals were not only experienced but extremely customer orientated. They bent over backwards to please me and made sure the job was done right and to my satisfaction. Oh, and the would never know they were here. I would highly recommend Natural Systems."

Joe P. in New Britain, CT Project: Remove Trees

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